Young French Entrepreneur of the Year Award

pinpoint one human resources, an executive search firm since 1999, is sponsoring the Beyond Bars Akademia founded by Stéphanie Simbo and Marine Durand.

“Beyond Bars Akademia (BBA) fights the stigma surrounding ex-offenders, by training and empowering women to live a successful career in hospitality and make the right choices in life.

With overcrowded prisons and a 50% youth unemployment rate in South Africa, it is difficult for female former- inmates to secure a sustainable income.

For many of these women, their life experience has been characterised by layer upon layer of abuse, loss, financial and emotional isolation and damaged relationships. The cumulative effect of this context has limited their perceptions of the opportunities the world offers to them.

Beyond Bars gives these women hope and opportunities with specialised, sponsored hospitality training.

This training gives them the qualifications they need to enter the job market and equips them with the life skills they need to thrive as they re-enter society”.

Through sponsorships, BBA creates careers for ex-offender women which changes their lives through the BBA Institute.  “The Institute is an into-work program for female former-inmates.  The apprenticeship leads to pre-employment hospitality training, work placement and sustainable employment”.

The sponsorship to Stéphanie, consists of an Enneagram Assessment, two sessions of analyses and feedback and a coaching session facilitated by Johan Raubenheimer, transformational coach. The Enneagram is a personality assessment that facilitates personal development in order to maximise an individual’s and / or a team’s growth.

Read more about other development and education initiatives facilitated by this inspiring team at the executive search / recruitment expertise offered by  /   Learn about the French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry  

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