The Bag Factory is a professional studio space, located in the Fordsburg area. We have been operating for 27 years and have a stable community of artists from a wide variety of backgrounds. The studio space and its community strives for an open, non-hierarchical creative environment that promotes exchange and experimentation. We are looking for one artist to take up a studio on a permanent basis.

What does the artist receive?
– A studio that is approximately 15m², with two wooden walls suitable for hanging
– An electricity point is provided for standard use. (kiln’s, air conditioners, and other high voltage devices need to be discussed with the office.)
– Wireless internet access
– Basic security
– Become part of the Bag Factory community
– Marketing through the Bag Factory and its events

Who is eligible?
The artist must be:
A full-time practising visual artist who is capable of regularly using a studio in their visual arts practice.
– An artist with a willingness to be involved in the Bag Factory’s projects and events.
– Attend all artists meetings, can interact in a communal setting.

Studio Cost:
Our studio spaces are subsidised and are rented on a tier system, subject to the stage of the artists’ career as well as the artist affordability, the available studio is only for ‘tier one’ artist and is; aimed at emerging – mid-career artists and costs R1936 p/m (for which artists are required to give back 54 hours of working time to the organisation per annum).

The studio is available from 01 September 2018.


How the applications assessed?
A selection committee assesses applications and is made up of artists, curators, academics and collectives.

Applicants must submit:

▪ A representative portfolio of work produced in the past five years of at least ten works and no more than 20, preferably by email. Images should not be higher than 300kb and each email no larger than 2MB.
▪ A strong curriculum vitae with full names, references, addresses and contact numbers.
▪ A brief letter of motivation, not more than one A4 page long, outlining reasons for wishing to join the programme and why specifically you want to come to the Bag Factory.
▪ If you have attended any other workshops or residencies of the Triangle Arts Network such as Greatmore, Thupelo, Thapong, Kuona, or Batapata, please specify where and when.

All applicants please send your information to