Integrated research supports BASA’s standing as a unique Knowledge Hub.

Over the last 20 years of business and arts partnerships, BASA has collected valuable RESEARCH which will now be put to productive use as we move forward into the next decade.

BASA has a raft of research documents that we use in our regular consultancy service that we offer to corporates. This research is primarily drawn from BASA’s Biannual ArtsTrack Research, the BASA Supporting Grants programme, the BASA Awards and our other arts-based initiatives. This consolidated research will provide crucial insights into best practice and shifts and trends – all of which will be used to inform the next generation of arts-business partnerships.

Our research expertise and experience once again underline BASA’s value to government, business and the arts sector in our next decade. In particular, BASA supports our members on a consultancy basis, using our research and broader partnerships to provide a diversity of businesses with arts-based intelligence and arts-based initiatives as a way of significantly supporting their strategic goals. BASA additionally uses our research learnings to create opportunities, and to connect the public sector, private sector and the arts sector (or third sector) – both in South Africa and across our borders.



BASA has commissioned research around arts sponsorship management and investment measurement mechanisms.


Sponsorship Toolkits

Way of navigating through a sponsorship cycle and the ability to measure the effectiveness of an arts sponsorship.

annual reports

Annual Reports

Have you been in operation for a couple of years but are now faced with strategic challenges?


Other Research

For organisations and individuals wishing to start a for profit or not for profit organisation.


Best Practise Case Studies

View case studies on successful partnerships between Business and the Arts