BASA 20 Years Research

Pulling together 20 years of research from all BASA Programmes, the consolidated research was launched at the BASA Research Colloquium in February 2018.


Best Practice Case Studies 

The BASA Awards, Supporting Grants, and other programmes, showcase successful partnerships between business and the arts.


ArtsTrack Research

BASA's biannual research tracking of consumer engagement in the arts and perceptions of the arts and its sponsors.


Strengthening DAC Entity Councils

Understanding the challenges and opportunities in DAC entity councils to strengthen their operations and impact, supported by the FirstRand Foundation.

BASA 20yr Posts4

Reinventing the Mentorship Programme

Understanding the effectiveness and challenges of BASA’s Mentorship Programme.


Interest Free Credit Schemes for the Purchase of Contemporary Art

Researching possible models of an interest free credit scheme for the purchase of contemporary art, craft and design.


Arts Sponsorship Decision-making and Management Processes

Understanding what informs business decisions to sponsor and returns generated by investing in the arts.


Arts Organisations and Sponsors: an equitable partnership?

Understanding nature of the relationship between arts organisations and their sponsors.


Current and Potential Audience for Visual & Performing Arts in South Africa

Understanding South African youth views and consumption of visual and performing arts.