The BASA Scale-Up Programme is sponsored by Rand Merchant Bank and in partnership with the British Council Southern Africa Arts and Digify Africa. It is designed to work with established creatives and cultural organisations to spark a sense of passion and deeper curiosity of the sector. It also aims to inspire renewed vision and to offer experiential learning opportunities and private sector networking tools that will equip participants with the relevant tools to make a meaningful contribution to the sector.

The Scale-Up Programme encourages collaboration, connection and co-creation towards a more systematic engagement in the sector through a series of webinars, site visits, events, online engagement and workshops.

The modules include Creative Market Growth, Design Thinking, Shared Value, Cultural Entrepreneurship, Impact Investment and Strategic Operations. Selected participants are expected to attend or to appoint organisation representatives to take part. At the end of the programme, participants will have a sense of agility, access and ability, to define, understand and articulate their value in this sector.

The current intake of Scale-Up delegates is almost complete, and a new call for applications will be released in 2019.





For more information, contact:

Boitumelo “Tumy” Motsoatsoe

Head of Programmes & Development

Business and Arts South Africa


Tel:+27 11 447 2295

About British Council Southern Africa Arts

British Council Southern Africa Arts creates opportunities for urban 18 to 35-year-old artists, creatives and audiences through programmes focusing on storytelling, insight and connections between Southern Africa and the United Kingdom, in order to build greater exposure for contemporary practice and culture, assisting young people to tell their stories and connecting creative communities.

About Digify Africa

Digify Africa is a digital training initiative delivered by Livity Africa. The programmes designed by Digify Africa are to upskill the next generation of digital talent in preparation for jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities across the continent.

Launched in South Africa in 2014 (and in Nigeria and Kenya in 2016), Digify Africa offers practical, real-world learning experiences that are delivered by young digital professionals.

Digify Africa is a new pathway in education, employment and empowerment, proving that by learning and improving digital skills, one can increase their chances of becoming employed or starting their own business or freelance career in Africa.

Digify Africa helps young people and organisations make a better living in the digital age. Focusing on new and emerging demand-driven digital skills that can create livelihoods, Digify’s work helps young people gain and grow their careers or business. As a result, it helps organisations – big and small – to thrive in the digital age.