There are 11 categories open for entry into the BASA Awards, which are adjudicated by the awards judging panel and audited by Middel and Partners:

  1. Innovation Award – Recognising the most innovative and progressive partnership in all mediums of creativity; one that served all partners’ purposes effectively, and highlighted creativity and originality in the process.
  2. First Time Sponsor Award – Awarding a business supporting the arts for the first time, regardless of size, budget, and whether it is a corporate social investment, marketing, human resources, B-BBEE, or other.
  3. Increasing Access to the Arts Award – Celebrating a partnership that has encouraged specific audience engagement with the arts or has made a significant contribution to brand, market and audience development, while still promoting the business through above-the-line media.
  4. Beyond Borders Partnership Award – Awarding a global-level partnership that builds brand reputation and audience for both the business and arts organisations across international borders, through an event or marketing project showcasing South Africa to Africa and the rest of the world, and/or bringing international arts projects to South Africa.
  5. Long Term Partnership Award – Recognising a company which has significantly developed and expanded its commitment to an arts project over three years or longer. The value to the arts project, the broader community and the business, must be apparent.
  6. Media Sponsorship Award – Awarding consistent and innovative support given by electronic, print, broadcast and web based media.
  7. Strategic Project Award – Celebrating outstanding initiative, with best use of a project, which is an integral part of the business’ strategy.
  8. Small Business Award – Recognising vital support given to the arts by a small business with up to 200 hundred full-time employees and an annual turnover of no more than R10 million.
  9. Sponsorship In-Kind Award – Awarding a company giving a quantifiable non-monetary support to the arts.
  10. Development Award – Recognising projects with an implicit educational and development element.
  11. Cultural Tourism Award, supported by Nedbank – Celebrating business support of arts and culture projects which contribute towards the growth of communities and jobs, and support the opportunities provided by local tourism.

In addition, three Special Awards are selected by the BASA Board of Directors to celebrate remarkable contributions by individuals, businesses, and organisations to the sustainability of South Africa’s arts:

Diplomacy in the Arts Award – Recognising foreign missions which contribute to the development and preservation of the arts in South Africa, as well as the continued prioritisation of cultural diplomacy between South Africa and the international community.

Art Champion Award – Celebrating an individual for outstanding achievement in the encouragement of business support for the arts.

Chairperson’s Premier Award – Made at the discretion of the Chairperson of the BASA Board, this award recognises sustained and extraordinary commitment to the arts in South Africa.