2018 is Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary year.  In celebration of this milestone we are celebrating all things Mickey, with an interactive exhibition which takes all members of the family through a fun interactive look at Mickey through the ages, starting way back with Steamboat Willie right up until today’s Mickey and the Roadster Races.  These experiences will take place between 28th of Sept – 14 October at Sandton City, 19th October – 11 November at Gateway Theatre of Shopping and 16 – 26 November at Canal Walk Shopping Center.  Whilst this type of exhibition is perhaps better suited to an exhibition space, we need to utilize the huge volume of foot traffic that these malls enjoy in order to share the exhibition as broadly as possible in a family friendly environment.


The Concept:

As part of this exhibition we will be creating 10 x 6ft  3D Mickey Mouse statues that will be “blank canvases” to be given their own South African twist.

Each Mickey will be assigned a Disney selected artist who will decorate him in their own fun and unique way, using materials and colours of their choice, but according to Disney guidelines detailed below.



The designs must be deemed family-appropriate by Disney.

No logos of any brands or companies can appear on the statue.

No inappropriate text, religious or political symbols can appear on the statue.


Entry Mechanism:

Each artist will receive a blank line art rendition of Mickey Mouse ( A3) which they will be required to design as well as submit a motivation as to the colours, designs, materials they plan to use (for purposes of this submission actual materials can be substituted for coloured felt pens or paint)

Approximately 10 artists will be selected to participate in the project and these artists will be selected by end July.

The artists will be required to be in one venue in Johannesburg between 1 – 7 September to apply their Mickey inspiration to the statue.

The artist will provide their own materials and equipment required to perform the above task.

We would require the artists to provide a bio, some examples of their past work as we would really like to showcase their careers and participation in this project.

 Please send to

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The statues will remain the property of the Walt Disney Company, who will be able to use the statues as they deem fit, and the artists will sign over all rights associated with their designs.

The creative process will be documented by Disney to be used as content on our social media, partner social pages, possible content on our television channels (Disney XD, Disney Junior and Disney Channel).

The artist’s work will be featured in various publicity activities promoting the exhibition and a possible reveal of the statues via a media outlet, where each artist may be profiled



Each artist will be renumerated R 7500 ex Vat.

This amount will be used to cover all materials required in completing the Mickey Mouse Statue


Example of Mickey – pre-design














Examples of completed Mickey Statues