A model for facilitating successful, sustainable business-arts partnerships

2017/2018 is a significant time for Business and Arts South Africa as we celebrate 20 years of supporting strategic partnerships between business and the arts, whilst helping transform the creative South African arts landscape.

Conceived in 1997 as a partnership between several South African corporates and the now Department of Arts and Culture (DAC), over the past two decades BASA has grown to include a wide spread of different stakeholders. These include diverse business members, the creative sector, organisations within the Southern African region and a growing slate of project-specific partners.

In our 20th year, it is fitting that we acknowledge and celebrate those who have contributed to the growth and success of our organisation. The DAC has been a crucial partner from the very beginning and we are also grateful for the contribution of our dedicated board members, our Founding CEO Nicola Danby, our Founding Chair Mary Slack, and original staff member Maureen Benya. Alongside those who have played an historical role in BASA’s evolution, we must highlight the trailblazing businesses and art organisations that are the very reason BASA exists today – and are why we can look so far ahead with anticipation of new and exciting collaborations in business and the arts.

BASA’s stakeholders:

  • 126 business members
  • Members of the creative sector
  • Organisations within the Southern African region and even further afield
  • Project-specific partners.

This landmark year has seen BASA focus on four key areas – GROWTH, RESEARCH, CONNECTIVITY, and CELEBRATION.



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