b"financially needy students in FADA, thepandemics. For instance, he depicted apiece was inspired from his experience as a concert has served as an opportunity forMona Lisa wearing a gas mask, another withchild at school. One of my teachers tried to audiences to support the academic journeya latter-day medical mask, and her hoardingteach me to read silently by placing a pencil of the youth.objects similar to todays toilet paper. Somebetween my lips and forcing me to read by BALAMBILE, conceived and curated byof the Mona Lisas unkempt hairstylesmyself in an empty classroom. STIL aims multi-award-winning creative Jade Bowers,and rounded features allude to hardshipsto evoke that experience for the audience. was apparently about COVID-19 medicalsuffered by women during periods of theHow? We still have no idea!materials, goods shortages, food parcels,plague, Cabano-Dempsey explained. It isGAG(GED) was a tribute to something artists relief grants and an irate middleknown that Da Vinci survived the bubonicsaid in a social media post by a comedian. class complaining on Facebook about theplague in the late 15th century whileWhat do cancelled and postponed events lack of designer masks readily available forliving in Milan, Italy. Up until early 2020,mean for the business of comedy in South purchase, for when they take their dogs andwhat has been unknown is the effect theseAfrica? Who was this comedian? Where children on their Level-4 walks betweenpandemics had on Da Vincis portraiture,was this social media post? What did it say? 6am and 9am. I didn't really have to doshe adds. Cabano-Dempsey, however,Does it matter? Does any of it matter? What anything. But that is what an UNFESTIVALmatters most to you? What exactly was is about. The things that we cant do; butGAG(GED)? No answers were guaranteed, more importantly, the things that we can,WHERE BASASbecause life comes with no guarantees. Just said Bowers.ask COVID-19.An online work by an unknown artist,CORE MANDATEBREATHE was a truncated reworking NDILINDILE was an un-experience, aboutFOCUSES ONand post-modern digital reconstruction of the annoyance and frustration of beingSamuel Becketts famous one-minute play, stood up on a first date, being stranded at aSUPPORTINGBREATHE. In the original play, a curtain taxi rank, or perhaps waiting in a doctorsAND AMPLIFYINGgoes up and then basically comes down. room for an appointment with a doctor whoNot much else happens. Its basically an no longer works at the practice (see, youPARTNERSHIPS,abbreviated version of WAITING FOR made your booking online). Translated fromTHE DIRE NEED OFGODOT. At less than half the length of isiXhosa (on Google!), the word ndilindilethe original, BREATHE was a much more variously means I am waiting, my friend orSO MANY CREATIVEabbreviated version, and was also not a play. I hope.INDIVIDUALSRounding off the programme was SAUDADE was a non-dance work,PSYCH: Escape from Reality, moderated which explored feelings of longing,THAT WERE LEFTby Swiss celebrity curator Hans-Ulrich melancholy, desire, and nostalgia, whichDESTITUTE AS AObrist, presented by and featuring two are characteristic of the Portuguesefamous, dead guest speakers. The University temperament. South Africa is home to theRESULT OF THEof Johannesburg (UJ) is at the forefront largest Portuguese-African population.of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) The Portuguese-South African communityWIDESPREADand artificial intelligence (AI) and also is highly active within the SouthSHUTDOWN OF THEapparently raising the deadAfrican community, both politically andUNFESTIVAL SA ran from 18 May to economically. According to SA HistoryCREATIVE SECTOR15 June and was a symbolic concept in aid online: Portuguese expansion into AfricaCOULD NOT BEof the UJ FADA Deans Bursary Fund and began with the desire of King John I toBASAs artist relief efforts.SQUAREgain access to the gold-producing areas ofIGNOREDWest Africa. The trans-Saharan trade routes between Songhay, and the North African traders, provided Europe with gold coinsremained cryptic with regards to the form used to trade spices, silks and other luxuriesthis work would take on the UNFESTIVAL from India. This piece had absolutelyprogramme, merely insisting that, All will nothing to do with this complicatedbe revealed in Mona Lisas SMILE.history, but all of us feel the kind ofSTIL was a 48-hour, uninterrupted,ASHRAF JOHAARDIEN (HE/XE/THEY) has 20 longing, melancholy, desire and nostalgiasustained silent reading series by a collectiveyears of experience across a spectrum of creative and cultural disciplines. encapsulated by this beautiful and uniqueof artists from the Free State, called BylXe is the former Executive Producer Portuguese word. en Vuurpyl. This deeply intimate andof the National Arts Festival (NAF) Mona Lisas SMILE was not really andisturbing digital work has never won anyand has held key positions at several exhibition, but veteran UJ Art Galleryawards. Founder of Byl en Vuurpyl, Jacoacademic and cultural institutions. They are a PhD candidate at the curator Annali Cabano-Dempsey thoughtGrouwe, is also Chairperson of the FreeUniversity of Pretoria and took up the it was interesting that Da Vinci anticipatedState chapter of the International Dyslexiarole of CEO at BASA in March 2019.the technology that would be used in futureAssociation (FSIDA), and explained that the 7"