b'Charmaine SoobramoneyHOW ARE YOU REALLY?WE CANNOT SPEAK ABOUT ADVOCACY FOR THE ARTS, WITHOUT REFERENCE TO THE GLOBAL COVID-19 PANDEMIC, AND ITS WIDESPREAD EFFECT ON THE CREATIVE SECTOR. CHAIRMAN OF BASA, CHARMAINE SOOBRAMONEY REFLECTS ON THE YEAR THAT WASFOR MUCH OF 2020, the variegated stages, sound stages and canvases, upon which our artists incite and ignite discourse, have been closed to us all. For this reason, on 9 April 2020, BASA announced that the scope of its Supporting Grants programme would be extended to allow support for South African creatives infected or affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. A funding campaign was also launched to enable both businesses and the public to make contributions, and over half a million rand was raised.This fundraising effort has been carried across all BASAs fundraising efforts this year, with a number of additional partnerships and initiatives intended to continue providing financial support and assistance to artists in need. The response toand financial contributions towardsthe establishment of the fund has been overwhelming, and on behalf of BASA, its Board, and all its partners within the arts and business sectors, I extend my thanks to everyone who made a contribution to the Fund. Without such unprecedented largesse from our communities, our efforts at support would not be the success they are. Your participation is especially prized in the face of changing economic conditions, which have unilaterally increased the pressure on business to justify the value and benefit of partnering with the creative sector. Once again, BASAs fundamental mandate to effect collaboration is proven in the ability of its partners to work together to solve complex problems.Over 57 million people live in our beautiful South Africa. We are going through a challenging phase right now and many artists are still battling to put food on the table. Help BASA help more artists by visiting www.gogetfunding.com/bizartza to make a contribution or show your support by sharing the link on your social media platforms.SQUARECHARMAINE SOOBRAMONEY, BASA Chairman, is master neuro-linguistic programming practitioner with a legal and finance background. She is on a mission to help a million lives to ignite their freedom by supporting businesses and individuals in their efforts to unleash their potential. www.charmainesoobramoney.com3'