b'that involves art-making as the centraland safety of South Africans. method of engagement. Each day of the www.johannesburg.aws.1000drawings.org/ week (Monday to Friday) there is a differentnight-of-1000-drawings-postponed-due-programme that caters to the childrensto-covid-19/different age groups. The sessions are run by trained community art counsellors who areFESTIVAL OF EXCELLENCE often joined by volunteers, many of whomIN DRAMATIC ARTS / EASY are psychology interns. With lockdown inEQUITIESplace, we have been unable to meet withIn its 15th year, the Festival in Excellence the children regularly. To curb this, and as ain Dramatic Arts (FEDA) offers over 1 000 way to make sure we continue to provide thehigh school drama students a platform to therapeutically based art-making projects,showcase their work in a professional theatre. we have started to move our sessions online.The students select, devise, or write the This was done by asking our art counsellorsscript themselves and are encouraged to take to create short videos of sessions they present,control of every aspect of the page-to-stage which Lefika then posts on our YouTubeprocess, with assistance and guidance from channel and distributes over our varioustheir teachers. The plays are adjudicated by a social media sites, as well as to the database.panel of South African theatre experts, suchlefikalaphodiso.co.za as Nat Ramabulana, Ismail Mahomed, and Craig Morris. Due to COVID-19, the Festival in KZNSA GALLERY / STRAUSSExcellence in Dramatic Arts (FEDA) 2020 has & CO been postponed to 03 May 2021.The KZNSA Gallery seeks to provide www.joburgtheatre.com/festival-of-assistance and opportunities to KZN artistsexcellence-in-dramatic-arts/with a focus on previously disadvantaged individuals by representing their work atYONELA MAKOBA / ORMS different art fairs. With this project, KZNSA(PTY) LTDGallery wishes to introduce the work of fiveKwantlandlolo is a multi-media solo1young female artists whose work speaks toexhibition that portrays the discording that of masters like Gladys Mgudlandu andof the imposition and venturing into the2Maggie Laubser at this years Turbine Art Fairunseen world. The exhibition is a mixture (which was held online due to COVID-19).of a series of photos, resin sculpture, and The artists to be presented by KZNSA arevideo installation. It is the first-ever solo Mandisa Buthelezi, Kylie Wentzel, Luluexhibition by Yonelwa Makoba, and it is made Mhlana, Zandile Tshabalala, and Siobhanpossible through the Orms Circle Mentorship Doughty. All are under the age of 30, work inProgramme. Due to COVID-19, Kwantlandlolo a range of mediums, including photography,had to be postponed and will resume painting, and mixed media, and addresssometime in 2021.themes around womanhood and freedom. yonelamakoba@gmail.com www.turbineartfair.co.zaexhibitors/ kznsa-galleryNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL / STANDARD BANK OF SOUTH NIGHT OF 1000 DRAWINGSAFRICA/ ONE LADY AND A TRIBEThe National Arts Festival is an integral ADVERTISING AGENCY /part of the South African arts ecosystem, DREAMSETS (PTY) LTD /a platform for experimentation and MACSTEEL SERVICES SAcollaboration and a meeting place for arts (PTY) LTD lovers from across the world in its Eastern Night of a 1000 Drawings Festival 2020Cape home, Makhanda. Due to COVID-19, was on the point of event production whenthe 2020 National Arts Festival was presented COVID-19 crept in and called a halt to itas a virtual festival with over 270 online all. So far, over 9 000 pieces of high-qualityshows and events that spanned multiple A5 artwork have been received. This librarygenres and interest. The Virtual National Arts of unique A5 artworks will be used to raiseFestival attracted over 80 000 visitors from money for child-education based charitiesall over the globe. Within just over 100 days as soon as level 1 restrictions are lifted andto deliver the ground-breaking Festival, eight COVID-19 is no longer a threat to the healthproduction venues were set up in centres 34'