b"Sipho MthiyaneTHE BASA SUPPORTING Grants programmelegends and icons, celebrities, and renownedtheir work. For example, for some artists and augments, supports and cements synergiespresenters taking part.arts organisations, a donate now button has businesses and creative partnerships. Made www.globaldancesupreme.com been included, which allows Creative Feel possible with a generous annual allocationreaders to donate directly to that specific from the Department of Sports, Arts andSOUTH AFRICANartist or organisation. Culture (DSAC), the Programme is designedASSOCIATION FOR JAZZ www.creativefeel.co.zavirtual-eventsto assist in activating sponsorship for a cross- EDUCATION / SAMRO section of arts projects in different regions ofFOUNDATION SHAKESPEARE SOCIETY OF the country, by providing financial support toDue to COVID-19, the South AfricanSOUTHERN AFRICA (SSOSA) existing business and arts partnerships. Association for Jazz Education (SAJE) has/ CN&COdecided to go the digital route with regardsThe project aims to solicit over 60 submissions2020 CALENDAR YEAR to this year's project, along with many othersof Shakespeare monologues performed andRECIPIENTSin the performing arts. SAJE will commissionrecorded at home from actors around the and upload how to and why jazz videoscountry. These monologues will be distributed ASSOCIATION FOR VISUALsent in by members of the South African jazzvia social media. Currently, the organisation ARTS / STRAUSS & CO community. Following a call for proposals andhas selected 45 #lockdownshakespeare In its 50th anniversary, AVA Online Archivesubmissions, the organisation will producevideos. These videos have been posted on Experience has two inter-related objectives.both instructional and oral history videos thatYouTube, and has a dedicated page on the The first part is digitising AVAs physicalwill be available to the public. It will engageShakespeare Society of Southern Africa's archives, which comprises 50-plus yearswith the South African jazz community inwebsite, Shakespeare ZA, as well as being of documentation, and online access fora new and challenging manner. The videosincorporated into the organisations digital those parts that can be made available forand online events will also acknowledge thelearning and teaching resources. SSOSA has research and historical purposes in the publicimportance of sponsorship from the Souththus far disbursed R35 000 to South African interest. The second part is the productionAfrican business community in keeping ouractors participating in the campaign. of an independently authored book ofbeloved jazz music alive. www.shakespeare.org.zablog/2020/4/5/ creative nonfiction that draws upon the www.saje.org.za lockdown-shakespeare-calling-all-same as its primary source material, by Drtheatre-makersKim Gurney. The project will also documentART TOWN RIEBEEK VALLEY AVAs origins, articulating its so-called DNA,/ ROYAL HOTEL RIEBEEKMZANSI MAKERS / NATIONAL and contextualising its contribution to theVALLEY AFRIKAANS THEATRE art world. To this end, the organisationsREVIVE! is a long-term public art installationINITIATIVE / CN&COarchives will be the narrative starting pointexhibition that will include sculptures,Hessequa Harmonie seeks to focus on classical to think about how they relate to the Southinstallations, land art, and other conceptualarts presented in the historical town of African contemporary art canon and viceartworks positioned around Riebeek Valley,Heidelberg in the greater Hessequa area. It versa. The secondary quest is to identifyand it is associated with tourism-relatedattracts art lovers across the greater southern what the archives may convey about this artbusinesses. Visitors will be encouraged toWestern Cape, since it is the only one of its institutions traits and singularities goinginteract with it both physically and virtually,kind in the area. The project also serves as forward. engaging via social media links with theboth economic injection and awareness ofwww.ava.co.za businesses and entering competitions tothe rural environment in the area. While significantly increase the visibility, presence,hosting a range of prominent creatives, from GLOBAL DANCE SUPREME /and following. Opening in December 2020,renowned pianist Prof. Nina Schumann, THE FRENCH INSTITUTE REVIVE! is intended to run for six months,beloved opera singers Janel Speelman, actor The 2020 Global Dance Supreme is anwhere after an extension will be considered.Elsabe Daneel, Riversdal Uitvoerende Orkes inter-continental dance festival that will www.arttimes.co.zaarts-town-riebeek- (RUK) and Choir, as well as the Rural Artsbe hosted online. The project will seevalley-a-cultural-tourism-hotspot/ Network Marimba-banda, it also offers local some of South Africa's best dance groupsperformers the opportunity to showcase their competing against participants from overDESKLINK MEDIA / RANDtalent and artwork to the public. 30 countries. The project is destined to beMERCHANT BANKwww.cnandco.com/hessequa-harmonie-a- a week of extraordinary events, which willThe Creative Feel Virtual Events Portalclassical-music-masterpiece/include exciting competitions, the road tois a centralised arts platform for artists the Championships activities (with local andand arts organisations to showcase virtualLEFIKA LA PHODISO / RAND international choreographers presentingperformances and collaborative work. InMERCHANT BANK / MARY their most inventive workshops), and weeklyaddition to this showcase, Creative Feel willOPPENHEIMER & DAUGHTERS online dance sessions presented by Southassist artists and arts organisations to set upFOUNDATIONAfricas best known urban DJs, live streamingdonations and ticketing platforms, to ensureLefika runs an after-school community art via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Thethat artists not only receive exposure butcounselling programme at the centre.project will see the worlds best dancers, dancecontinue to earn an income from creatingThese sessions all have a therapeutic basis 33"