b'Image: June O on Unsplash ONE OF THE COSY SUCCESS STORIES INVOLVES A YOUNG MAN FROM TSAKANE IN EKURHULENI, WHO BEGAN A BICYCLE COURIER SERVICE IN 2015 TO RUN ERRANDS FOR THE GOGOS (ELDERLY WOMEN)BASA wants people to be able to monetiseinherent power dynamics when it comesbe impoverished and feel impoverished; their ideas. Article 27 in the Declaration ofto people who have access and people whowhereas abundance thinking is about Human Rights says every person should havedont. It is important to be mindful of howlearning to recognise what you already have access to arts and culture, which is fantastic,ideas are communicated and the tools thatand how you can exploit it, learning to take but according to Maslows Hierarchy of Needs,are used to communicate with people whochallenges and turn them into opportunities people also need to feed themselves. So itsdont have access to resources in a way that its an essential component of design really great when arts, culture and creativitymakes it less intimidating. For example, it isthinking.can do all of those thingswhere it is a right,unwise to assume that people have accessUltimately, asset-based community a way of connecting us to a national identityto cell phones or that they understand anddevelopment, design thinking, shared value and sense of community, but where it is alsowant to communicate in Englishthis is aand abundance thinking are all inter-related. able to put bread on the table. resource assumption. Often people think that there is nothing One of the COSY success stories involvedCOSY is an example of human-centeredgoing on in peri-urban and rural areas and a young man from Tsakane in Ekurhuleni,design thinking. It teaches participants tothat nothing can happen. But coming back who began a bicycle courier service income up with user- or community-centricto the story of the courier entrepreneur2015 to run errands for the gogos (elderlysolutions and to keep remodelling andthe fact is something as simple as a bicycle women) in his community. After taking parttweaking them until they work. Participantslaunched an entire business.SQUAREin the COSY programme, he increased hisare taught that their business strategies and courier service to include three additionalplans are not things that are fixed on piecesThe original version of this article was bicycles. He is now expanding his operationof paper or in peoples headsthey are livingcommissioned by the British Council South to incorporate other types of vehicles andlaboratories. Africa. www.britishcouncil.org.zadeliveries to local businesses. The COSY programme itself is the perfect This was an absolute crystallisation ofexample of how the partners continued to what the COSY programme tried to achieve.tweak and adjust the programme to achieve Its not about buying the bike, but rathergreater successes. The point of designJESSICA PORTER is the Head of Marketing realising there was a need in the communitythinking is not to live in a world of successfor at Eclipse Communications, based which, through innovation, can be addressed:and failure, but to understand that a problemin Johannesburg. She is committed to the creation of an entrepreneur and theneeds to be tackled from different angles;offering clients integrated solutions to achieve the best results in an meeting of community needs. that design solutions to problems are notever-changing landscape. Jessica has The challenges the COSY programmefixed. It is all about agility and flexibility, andexperience in the public relations; faced are similar to the challenges BASAthe knowledge that you can learn a lot fromevent management and marketing fields grapples with when it comes to programmefailure.across various sectors, which include Fashion & Lifestyle, Food & Beverage, design and implementation, especially thatAbundance thinking is the oppositeArts & Entertainment, Education and of language in rural communities. Sharedto an impoverished mind-set. If you thinkTourism. eclipsecomms.comvalue is also about understanding theof your world as impoverished, you will 29'