b'Jessica PorterCultivating CreativityCreating Opportunities for South Africas Youth (COSY)THERE IS A shift from traditionalabundance thinking as a way to respondmissionary zeal, with the full knowledge they development programmeswhere applicantsto diverse contexts and to solve complexare the ones with the resources and then fill in forms, receive a certain amount ofchallenges. It was also to encouragedictating how they should be used. money and write reportsto programmesmeaningful collaborations and partnershipsThe approach, underpinned by asset-that focus on cultivating creativity as aas a way to bolster self-reliance and buildbased community development, was to reach renewable resource, all the time sharplymotivated communities. out to people in peri-urban and rural areasaware that there is only so much money toThe collaboration between BASA, thewho had ideas and the desire to be upskilled go around.British Council, LifeCo and Digify was a true and help them identify resources available In 2017, BASA partnered with the Britishpartnership, because right from the startatto them in their communities. Council, impact investor LifeCo UnLtdthe proposal stagethe idea for the projectThis is not to say that once people South Africa, and Digfiy Africa,have been through the COSY to create the COSY programmeprogramme they cannot do what (Creating Opportunities forTHE COSY PROGRAMME ISthey choose, but this is not the South Africas Youth), aimedintention of the programme. at enabling young people,AIMED AT ENABLING YOUNGIt did not merely focus on particularly young women, inPEOPLE, PARTICULARLYbenefiting the individual, peri-urban and semi-rural areasYOUNG WOMEN IN PERI- through shared value, which to be more active agents inmeans understanding what is achieving sustainable growth forURBAN AND SEMI-RURALof value to the community and themselves. This programme isAREAS TO BE ACTIVE AGENTShow resources and skills can be funded by the European Union. IN ACHIEVING SUSTAINABLEbrought to the community or be BASA felt it was important toamplified within the community. include asset-based communityGROWTH FOR THEMSELVES Removing a catalyst or development (ABCD) andentrepreneur from a community design thinking methodologiesis a type of resource brain drain. into the programme. This was with a viewwas developed by the four partners, notFrom BASAs point of view, everything to cultivating creative thinking as a waywith the idea of going into under-resourcedlearnt on COSY has carried through to to help the participants re-imagine theareas and encouraging them to go to urbanexisting programmes, including Debut. COSY role or potential role of their businesses inareas and join the competition, but rather totaught BASA about giving more energy, time, relation to their environment and immediatefacilitate the process of people working withattention and intention to the knock-on surroundings, as well as to encourage awhat they have. effect and being more cognisant of building culture of experimentation, collaborationThis is contrary to the approach usedshared value and making sure communities and resourcefulness. by some international funding agenciesbenefit as much as the participants Part of this process was to explorethat come into a country with a kind ofthemselves. 28'