b'trade principles applied when creatinga beautiful space to trade weekly. each brew and confectionary piece.The goal is to encourage inner city 09 Beans are sourced from differentlifestyle, and provide a relaxed and roasteries, from as far as Burundi,creative space for makers to trade, andTHE LIVING ROOMEthiopia, Costa Rica and Guatemala,for locals and visitors to spend their which aligns with its aim to work withweekend leisure time. MAIN CHANGE BUILDING different roasters across the world,24 KRUGER STREET | 062599 2701and home the best beans in its hoppers.WWW.LIVINGROOMJOZI.CO.ZA Roasting and creating great coffee is 07 both art and science, and Home of theSituated in the vibrant precinct of Bean aims to educate people, whileMABONENG WALKINGMaboneng, theLiving Roomprides itself simultaneously collaborating withTOUR on its unique blend of the natural and select brands to create unique versionsthe urban. The Living Room launched of its informational experiences.STARTS AT CURIOCITY BACKPACKERSalmost simultaneously to Mabonengs own Its about learning. sharing.302 FOX STREET | 011614 0163 revival, with the primary aim to provide connecting. The Home of the Bean isWWW.CURIOCITY.AFRICA/JOHANNES- the Johannesburg public with a tranquil both minimalist and sophisticated, withBURG-BACKPACKERS-HOSTELSsanctum that immerses every guest in the its furniture hand selected by localprofound beauty of a lush, serene rooftop award-winning design duo Houtlander. Discover the creative eastern sideterrace, surrounded by panoramic views of inner Johannesburg on this two- of our beloved Jozi.If the venue is not hour walking tour of Maboneng. Meetbooked for a private Saturday function,05your tour guide outside the Curiocitythe venue is host to a funky pop-up Backpackers hostel, before settingparty, called Super Cool Saturday, and ARTS ON MAIN off on a picturesque walk throughSundays at The Living Room have become the Precinct. The first stop is Thean institution all on their ownwith 264 FOX STREETCosmopolitan, an elegant heritagegreat music, awesome people and good INFO@ARTSONMAIN.CO.ZA building in downtown Johannesburg.vibes converging from 11h00 to 19h00. WWW.ARTSONMAIN.CO.ZA Built in 1899, it opened as a hotel andOne caveat thoughyou have to be 21 or If youre speaking about Maboneng,bar in 1902. Next, youll venture toolder to be allowed entry. then you have to be speaking aboutthe Drivelines Development, a new urban development that uses upcycled shipping Arts on Main, the Precincts pioneercontainers as affordable housing. From 10 development, and the heart of thishere, youll walk over to Agog, the lively neighbourhood. Converted fromlatest addition to Mabongengs thrivingHABESHAhistoric warehouses and industrialart scene.Shop at the Kwa Mai-Mai buildings into artist studios,Traditional Healers Market, arguably289 FOX STREET | 010058 2977galleries and quirky shops, the complexone of the oldest in the city, whereWWW.HABESHA.AFRICAhouses the studio space of leadingyoull have the chance to meet sangomas contemporary artists (such as WilliamEatery, venue and gallery, this place Kentridge Mikhael Subotzky, and Kim(traditional healers), be exposed to aof interest embraces Ethiopian cuisine Lieberman), and art galleries (whichwide range of medicines, and shop forand culture through deep-rooted family include GoetheOnMain, NIROXprojects,traditional clothing. Round off yourheritage, history and exquisite David Krut Projects, and Parts&Labourshopping spree at Collectors Treasury,art, enhanced by authentic colours, Design Studio). Look out forthe largest second-hand bookstore inpaintings, furniture, food and coffee. merchandisers LoveJozi, Black Coffee,the southern hemisphere. Finish off theOpen Monday to Sunday from 08h00, you and duke&dutch, or take time out for atour with a walk through Doornfonteinscan enjoy the ambience of Ethiopian meal and beverage at The Canteen (whichopen-air museum and surroundingdining and their lifestyle right in the is also home to rooftop salsa dancers),cultural hotspots.soul of Maboneng. SMACK! Republic, or simply head for Market on Main held every Sunday. This is alively and stylish shopping and 08 11 eating destination for locally producedPATA PATA TIME ANCHOR DISTILLERYdesign items, vintage clothing and a wide variety of food options.286 FOX STREET | 073036 9031 7 SIVEWRIGHT AVENUEWWW.FACEBOOK.COM/PATAPATA- HELLO@TIMEANCHOR.CO.ZA06JAZZ WWW.TIMEANCHOR.CO.ZAMARKET ON MAIN Keen for some jazz, but youd likeNot since Britain was deep in the midst to eat? Who says you cant do both?of painting the map red have we seen 264 FOX STREETVisit Pata Pata. Taking its name fromsuch worldwide imbibing of gin. Indeed, WWW.MARKETONMAIN.CO.ZA the iconic Miriam Makeba song, thisanyone with the time and patience to, has is a good place to hear South Africanbecome a craft brewer, but it takes real Market on Main is open Tuesdays tolive music, and eat good old-fashionedtalent to separate those merely messing Sundays, between 09h00 and 17h00. TheSouth African cuisine (although it doeswith juniper berries from the true master Sunday market is open from 10h00 toprovide the warier diners with safecrafters. Time Anchor Distillery offers 16h00, and trades in regional foodsbets, like burgers and salads). For thea fully immersive gin tasting experience, and local design. Launched in Januarymore adventurous gourmands, theresproviding an informative yet enchanting 2011, Market on Main has establishedmogodo, a traditional tripe dish, andtour for all enthusiasts. From theitself as Johannesburgs leadinga favourite among the locals. In the120 000 5c coins (hand laid) covering the urban food and design market, and wasevenings, when the lights are low, andfloor, to the alchemists shelf of glass-started by design entrepreneurs Jacquesyoure swathed in the sounds of Africanjarred gin botanicals, the mysterious van der Watt (of fashion labelBlackjazz and nostalgia, its easy for yourelegance and allure of the Tasting Room Coffee)and Bradley Kirshenbaumimagination to transport you to theprovides the perfect setting to sit back (ofLove Jozi). Their vision was toSophiatown of old, with Miriam Makebaand indulge your gin palate. Booking is give top food and design entrepreneursherself belting her tunes onstage.essential.20'