b'Nadia PisantiRe MabonengAn Illustrated Walking Guide of Magical MabonengRELATIVELY SPEAKING, THE Mabonengpromoting contemporary culture in a01dynamic, collaborative environment. If Precinct is tiny. In comparison, even theyou visit their Johannesburg spaces, suburb of Melville could be considered aTHE MARABI CLUByoull be treated to exhibition project sprawl. And yet, for the better part of the47 SIVEWRIGHT AVENUE | 010591 2879 spaces with a focus on a wide-ranging last decade, this downtown JohannesburgWWW.THEMARABICLUB.COM selection of the very best of what hub has grown exponentially, spawning acontemporary creatives have to offer.An unassuming small metal door nestled fully integrated residential and commercialon a street in Doornfontein in downtown suburb. Borne from a desire to rejuvenateJohannesburg gives way to a setting so 03 the inner city, Maboneng was originally aanathema to the rest of DoornfonteinsTHE CENTRE FOR THE LESS crucible for art and artistic expression,slumyards, you could be forgiven for stopping short and rethinking yourGOOD IDEAwhich later expanded to include restaurants,location. When the Harlem Renaissance entertainment venues and retail stores, as wellboomed through New York, the same264 FOX STREET | 078114 1546as accommodation and hotels.cultural and musical revolution wasWWW.LESSGOODIDEA.COM Meaning place of light in seSotho,unfolding in Johannesburg, namelyFounded by renowned South African Marabi. It was a lifestyle that offeredartist, William Kentridge, the Centre Maboneng is a self-proclaimed, place ofan escape from the gruelling work weekis a space to follow impulses, inspirationa creative hub, a place to doof the 1920s and 1930s, defined byconnections and revelations, where business, a destination for visitors and aillegal shebeens, and accompanied by for two seasons every yearfierce political debate and the equallyartists come together, and curators safe, integrated community for residents.disruptive sounds of jazz. Today, thecollaborate, to bring together A beacon of strength in Africas mostMarabi Club is tucked into the basementcombinations of text, performance, economically prosperous city. Old industrialof award-winning Ghanaian architectimage and dance. The Centre believes buildings that once mouldered are nowDavid Adjayes Hallmark House, whichhow an ensemble sees the world is also functions as a boutique hotel.diametrically differently to how an synonymous with culture and flair, andOpen for most of the week (Mondays toindividual views the world. It is a whether youre pounding the pavement atSaturdays from 18h30 until late, as wellsafe space for failure, for projects to first light, or putting the night to bed withas 12h00 to 15h00 on the last Sunday ofbe tested and discarded when they fail the month), history is evoked at everyto work. Its a space for short-form other nocturnal spirits, youll find somethingturn, from the interiors to the charmingwork that is without a natural home in to keep you diverted. wait staff. Throw in excellent food, aa theatre or gallery. The Centre also formidable bar and live jazz, and youllcontinues to be deliberately contained see why every Maboneng visitor has thisand modest, but this does mean it does venue on their lips.not have an established programme to receive proposals or residencies. It should be mentioned that 02 with the general malaise 04 that is COVID-19 still aDAVID KRUT PROJECTSprominent pall over regularHOME OF THE BEANsocial life, your visit to264 FOX STREET JEPPESTOWNany of the following places(0)11334 1209 24 ALBRECHT STREET | 075597 3623of interest will need to beWWW.DAVIDKRUTPROJECTS.COM WWW.HOME-OF-THE-BEAN.BUSINESS.tempered by the establishmentIn the spirit of mentoring and skillsSITEin questions new rules andgrowth, David Krut Art Projects isThe cosmopolitan Home of the Bean regulations for maintainingan alternative arts institutioncreates an experience that not only the legal social distance. dedicated to encouraging an awarenessallows its customers to enjoy their of and careers in the arts and relatedcoffee, but also educates them on the literature and media, as well asprocess of making it, and the fair-17'