b'BUSINESS AND ARTS SOUTH AFRICA NPC (BASA) champions business investment within the arts, cultural and heritage sector. BASA is the connector catalyst for businesses and the arts, driving focused and sustained partnership by unlocking shared value and fostering social cohesion. BASA was founded in 1997 as a joint initiative between government and the private sector as part of a strategy to secure greater involvement in the arts and from businesses operating in South Africa. Constituted in terms of the Companies Act, BASA is registered as a public benefit organisation and is accountable to its stakeholders, namely government, BASA members and the creative sector. VISION Mutually beneficial partnerships are hardwired into BASAs DNA and are a part of its founding ethos. We believe in the power that comes from deep collaboration between the right partners and the transformational value of the arts to effect meaningful social change. MISSION BASA champions business investment in the creative sector by leading research that enhances commercial confidence. BASA builds capacity through its programmes and is shifting the paradigm for the future of partnerships between diverse stakeholders. VALUES Collaboration Innovation Diversity Agility IntegrityMutuallyExploring newEvery voice isRespondingWe value ethical beneficialideas for aheard. For us,creatively tobehaviour relationships aresustainable futurediversity is about our changingand conduct part of our DNA.by prioritisinginclusivity,environmentourselves with To this end weresearch,transformationthroughtrustworthiness, value teamwork,creativity andandrelevance,consistencypartnerships,technology representation flexibility andand transparencysharing andresponsivenesslearningContinued 16'