b'TrialogueOne such example is the second wave of the Artist Relief Fund, whichboth educational and entertainment value. However, it also became offers artists more accessible platforms to apply for funding, usingvery apparent that even the value of the sector was still questioned either WhatsApp or an online platform to apply for funding. and/or undermined. The sector was not considered to be essential or important. If anything, the pandemic highlighted an urgent need for the sector to find effective (and aligned) ways to articulate this value [Q] HOW HAS THE PANDEMIC AFFECTEDand ways to leverage off it.DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES IN THE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES, AND WHAT ADAPTATIONS HAVE HAD TO BE MADE?[Q] BEYOND FINANCIAL SUPPORT, WHAT CAN YOU TELL US MORE ABOUT THE DEBUTARE SOME OF THE WAYS THAT COMPANIES PROGRAMME, AND HOW (AND IF) ITSCAN SUPPORT THE REJUVENATION AND FUNDING HAS BEEN REPURPOSED AT THISLONGER-TERM DEVELOPMENT OF THE ARTS TIME? SECTOR? The current situation has amplified the necessity for refining how weStrategic partnerships and collaborations are key to help create a execute our strategy. The pandemic has plunged the entire world intosystematic and sustainable provision of this support, be it in skills crisis, compelling both individuals and organisations to increase theirdevelopment, capacity building or mentorship. There is currently a agility and to hasten responsiveness. BASA believes this kind of dexteritylot of duplication, particularly in the development space, as well as and design thinking can both be applied to and support the creation ofan enormous focus on relief funding; but what I think is quite crucial, meaningful employment opportunities for youth, as well as contributingis offering individuals and organisations tools to help them build to essential skills development to the creative sector. If there is anythinginitiatives, projects and organisations that may not last, but will be this pandemic has highlighted, it is the growing inequality in [a] countryagile enough to make it through future crises.SQUAREthat sees the underprivileged being further marginalised and excluded. Our aim with all our programmes is to ensure we make our processes and initiatives as holistic, inclusive and accessible as possible, and that we continue to be deliberate about offering those with limited skillsAre you my happiness. Image: Pan Xiaozhenon on Unsplash and knowledge an opportunity to participate in the creative economy. For the Scale-Up Programme, which is currently offered in partnership with Rand Merchant Bank (RMB), and which is aimed at established individuals and cultural organisations, we have added a funding and mentoring aspect to the programme, specifically to the knowledge-sharing platform. Through a partnership with Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA), alumni will also have access to Care and Connect workshops. The Debut Programme is an initiative of DSAC, in partnership with BASA, and is designed to provide information and entrepreneurial skills development to emerging artists in allTRIALOGUE is a consultancy that supports nine provinces of South Africa. Through strategic partnerships withits clients in making their CSI practices community arts centres, local government and relevant agencies, themore effective through its end-to-end programme assists artists with everything from ideation to ventureconsulting process. The process covers strategy development and implementation, implementation. In the second edition of the programme, BASA aimsstakeholder engagement, management and to reach a total of 450 young artists, and will create a network throughmeasurements systems, benchmarking and which the alumni will also continue accessing knowledge, support andevaluation. www.trialogue.co.za information on relevant opportunities.[Q] HOW HAS THE PANDEMICBOITUMELO TUMY MOTSOATSOE, Head of Programmes at BASA, is a trained UNDERSCORED THE IMPORTANCE OF ARTperformer, facilitator, arts manager AND CREATIVE OUTLETS IN SOCIETY?and co-founder of sketch comedy group From an arts and culture perspective, the pandemic has clearlyTHENX. She has served on the Board of the Pan-African Youth Network for illuminated the importance of expression, creativity, innovation anda Culture of Peace as the Southern connection. Prior to this, people could access culture in very manyAfrica regional coordinator and different ways including theatres, concert halls, galleries and museums.Arterial Network South Africa. Tumy This quickly changed once lockdown restrictions were implementedholds a Masters Degree in Cultural Policy and Management and an Honours across the globe. And although we could not meet in a physical waydegree in Dramatic Arts, both from the in a social setting, many of us were able to endure this period thanksUniversity of the Witwatersrand.to access to literature, film, online entertainment, etc., which offered 13'