b"Both partnership and the arts are in ourthrough a project showcasing South AfricaThese breakthrough projects and DNA, which is why we love working withto the rest of the continent and/or overseas,partnerships demonstrate great creativity, the BASA Awards. Our purpose is to enableor bringing international or intercontinentaloriginality, reinvention, new methodologies more people to create and secure a betterarts projects to South Africa. or technological/digital innovation.future, and that has become even more Winner: NIKE, Inc. / Mother Tongue W inner: V&A Waterfront / NGOs in important during these turbulent times,Collective (Pty) Ltd (t/a Karabodifferent communities across South says Heidi Brauer, Hollards Chief MarketingPoppy) for Nike By Karabo Poppy Africa and Africa for Joy from Africa Officer. Fifty per cent (50%) of Hollard'sto the Worldusual contribution has been redirected to COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT support 23 individual artists via the BASARecognises business support for arts SMME Artist Relief Fund. We are passionate aboutand culture projects enhancing theirAwarded for vital support given to the arts ensuring that artists are able to continuecommunities, whether through education,by a micro, small or medium enterprise with creating and earning, Brauer adds. skills development, contributing toup to 200 hundred full-time employees and The 23rd annual BASA Awards partneredlivelihoods or employment, tourism, or otheran annual turnover of no more thanby Hollard honours and recognises thegrowth opportunities in the community. R10 million.diverse and imaginative relationships forgedWinner: MTN SA Foundation / ImbaliWinner: The Marimba Workshop between business partners and creativeVisual Literacy Project for Roll-out(Pty) Ltd / Education Africa for projects, events and initiatives in the sevenand Teachers Workshops for ImbaliInternational Marimba and Steelpan categories, and the winners are as follows: Artbooks: Adventuring into Art Festival BEYOND BORDERS INNOVATION LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP Awarded to a partnership that builds brandCelebrating the most innovative, cutting edgeRecognising outstanding initiative and reputation and audience for both theand progressive partnership that served allcommitment to the arts over a longer period business and arts partner across borders,partners purposes effectively. (at least one year) as an integral part of the Victoria Yards commission, MRS + MR LUKE Image: Theana Breugem 10"