BASA ArtsTrack No. 7

Business and Arts South Africa launched the BASA ArtsTrack No. 7 to its members, along with an overview and update on the organisation’s programmes, at Hollard’s Villa Arcadia in Johannesburg on 21 June 2016, at the KZNSA Gallery in Durban on 2 August 2016, and at the Alexander Bar, Cafe and Theatre in Cape Town on 15 September 2016.  The 2015 report represents the seventh update of the original report, and again creates an opportunity to tracks consumer engagement and perception of the arts and its sponsors.  Undertaken bi-annually by sponsorship research leaders BMi, the wide-ranging research is a unique resource for BASA members and access to it is one of the benefits of membership.  “The ArtsTrack research is part of our extensive knowledge hub, and is a powerful tool for our business members to be able to maximise the shared value that successful arts-business partnerships bring,” comments Michelle Constant, BASA CEO. “It is also an invaluable resource for those businesses that are considering a move into arts sponsorship.”  For more information on how to access the Artstrack Research, contact Madeleine Lambert on