Ashley Walters: Uitsig, Sanlam Art Gallery

Uitsig by Ashley Walters is a photographic investigation into the community of Uitsig and surrounding suburbs. Opening 24 June – closing15 August 2015.

Sanlam Art Gallery
2 Strand Road, Bellville
24 June – 15 August 2015

Uitsig by Ashley Walter is a photographic investigation into the community of Uitsig and surrounding suburbs of Parow Industrial, Ravensmead, Florida, Cravenby, Belhar and Eureka, and the interaction of these communities with the landscape and structures that exist in these places. Many of the current challenges found in places like Uitsig include high levels of unemployment, the ravaging drug epidemic amongst low-income households, turf wars between gangs and the increase of violent crimes due to drug and alcohol abuse.

The Afrikaans word ‘uitsig’ has three main descriptions, firstly it implies seeing that which is out of sight or hidden. Secondly ‘uitsig can refer to a prospect or a view, to look onto or over a city or landscape. Lastly the word ‘uitsig’ means to show one’s persona or display ones character. Following these descriptions, Uitsig becomes central to investigating the relationship between spatiality and social ordering within the representation of this place and the different communities, gangs, religious and cultural groups, and landscape architecture.

Ashley Walters’ photography protagonises a subjective and critical approach to the behaviours and processes of urban life in Cape Town and its periphery. His work tells of an interest in the everyday and public space in its least predictable dimension. Wavering between absolute complicity with his subjects and distant observation, his body of work emphasizes a non-spectacular representation of reality. Whereas some images provide tableaus of intimate, inhabited spaces, others render non-territories – boroughs unrecognized by known search engines – that bespeak of uprootedness, scarring, anxiety, liminality and trauma.

Ashley Walters was born in Cape Town in 1983. He completed his Master of Fine Arts in 2013 at the Michaelis School of Fine Art and is currently a recipient of the Tierney Fellowship. Walters has received several awards, among them the Katrine Harries Print Cabinet Award (2013), The Michaelis Prize (2011), the Simon Gerson Prize (2011) and David Marais Memorial Prize (2009). He has participated in several group exhibitions and his work is represented in the collections of the Katrine Harries Print Cabinet and University of Cape Town Art Collection.