1. Research – BASA Bulletin June 2017


BASA Bulletin 2017 – Research

BASA has a raft of research documents that it uses in its consultancy with corporates. Drawn from different initiatives, including BASA’s Artstrack, BASA Supporting Grants, BASA Awards, and other arts-based initiatives, this research, once consolidated, will provide crucial insights into best practice, shifts and trends and will be used to inform the next generation of arts business partnerships – once again underlining BASA’s value to government, business and the arts sector in the new decade. The BASA membership supports corporates through this research.

BASA is currently pulling together 20 Years Research from all programmes, which will be launched at the BASA Research Symposium (27 – 28 September 2017). Partnered by Hollard, the event will be open to BASA Business members and will highlight the learnings in CSI, BBBEE, marketing and shared value when it comes to partnership with the arts.

For more information, please contact Rosie Katz on symposium@basa.co.za