Business and Arts South Africa (NPC) promotes mutually beneficial, equitable and sustainable business-arts partnerships for the benefit of the whole of society. We do this through research and seminars that examine the arts-business relationships. BASA provides a bespoke service to businesses, and celebrates successful business-arts partnerships – all with the aim of ensuring the relevance and sustainability of the arts in South Africa.
Streets of Gold' A Lyric Theatre and Ashanti Gold Production. Photograph : John Hogg.


Creative strategies, unique partnerships, innovative sponsorship’s, lobbying, advocacy, in-depth research, local and global resources, bespoke services and trend-spotting…

Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) currently has 118 members, ranging from large corporates to individual entrepreneurs. We provide a bespoke service, resources, support and information in your endeavor to leverage your company within the arts sector.

Membership of BASA is open to large corporates and SME’s, with fees charged on a sliding scale. The cornerstone of BASA’s growth has been the membership of major companies operating both in South Africa and internationally, along with smaller locally-based enterprises. The benefits we are able to offer our members include:

1. Networking and Introductions

2. Access to events

a. During the year various events are scheduled specifically for BASA members. These events include the Africa Breakfasts, Foundry Dinners, and the Symposium.

b. Members regularly receive invitations to opening nights or premieres of arts events.

c. Member companies partner with BASA, at their discretion, in events targeting fellow members.

d. BASA provides direct access to tickets and events of your own personal choice

3. Publicity and Promotion

We have initiated a passionate and assertive marketing and publicity campaign to drive recognition and third party endorsement of businesses, arts organisations, and the beneficiaries that they serve.

Our marketing partners are:

 Business Day TV – The Business of the Day Tuesdays 18:54, Wednesdays 22:54 and Fridays 19:54

 Kaya FM – Business and Arts Feature on Stevie B’s “Kaya FM Bizz” Thursdays 17:50

 SAFM – BASA Create Mondays 12:50, Wednesdays 12:50, Fridays 12:50 and Saturdays 08:50

 CreativeFeel & Wanted Magazines

4. Access to information, research and impartial advisory service

a. Our primary service to members is that of identifying potential opportunities (in terms of Sponsorship, Corporate Social Investment, HR and Shared Value) within the arts sector, based on a brief provided by the company, with the aim of brokering partnerships. A number of mutually successful and ongoing business-arts partnerships have been forged through BASA (all information is treated as confidential).

b. We also offers access to similar international organisations, case studies and experience from elsewhere in the world, and research from our own local projects.

c. BASA members receive copies of the bi-annual Artstrack, our series of research reports focusing on attitudes of the corporate sector, the public and the media towards the arts, as well as presenting case studies pertaining to the value of the arts. d. Members have access to Research on Funding, Education, Corporate Sponsorship and more.

5. Bespoke Service

We offer personalised and strategic support, advice and IP to business wanting to leverage its engagement with the arts. Businesses receive:

a. Friends of Business and Arts South Africa and companies with 1 – 49 employees: two hours free consultation, thereafter per hour billing.

b. Companies with 50 – 199 employees: three hours free consultation, thereafter per hour billing.

c. Companies with 200 – 1000 employees: six hours free consultation, thereafter per hour billing.

d. Companies with more than 1000 employees: ten hours free consultation, thereafter per hour billing.

6. Corporate Social Investment, Human Resource, Marketing, and Shared Value Support

7. Young Professionals

Given that the arts offer EQ, CQ innovation and imagination in the corporate space, BASA offers an introduction to the arts through Arts Based initiatives. This offer is particularly valuable to young professionals in a corporate environment.

8. Supporting Grants

Businesses who partner with Arts Organisations, providing in-kind support or funding, are able to apply for a Supporting Grant. The monies of the Grant are to be used to market and leverage the relationship further, providing real value to the Business and the arts project. BASA gives preference to Supporting Grant Applicants that are partnered by a BASA member.

9. Boardbank SA

Historically, not for profit arts and cultural organisations have found it difficult to secure willing volunteers from the corporate sector to serve on their Boards. This has had a profound and, in some cases, negative impact on arts organisations.

To address this, we have introduced Boardbank SA to help arts organisations access suitably qualified business people to serve on their Boards in a voluntary capacity. The Boardbank SA Programme is a resource for all registered arts/cultural organisations, enabling them to fulfill their governance requirements, while also securing the necessary expertise at a strategic board level. Board Members and Young Professionals are inducted through a partnership programme with the IODSA.

10. Business Day BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard

11. Advocacy and Government

BASA is involved in arts advocacy, and lobbies government on a variety of issues and projects. These include issues of funding and fundraising, as regards tax benefits for our members. Where possible, we make introductions to Public Private Partnership opportunities.

12. B-BBEE ESD Programme

Middel & Partners and BASA have partnered to create a programme for our members to channel their B-BBEE ESD contributions towards arts and culture. Through the easy to use online system, you are able to contribute to an arts organisation and receive ESD points.

13. Arts Sponsorship Management Toolkit

The Arts Sponsorship Management Toolkit is created to give South African businesses a means to navigating a sponsorship cycle.

14. International Engagement

BASA is currently doing projects in Mozambique, Zambia and Canada. Through our international engagement, we are able to offer businesses opportunities which use the arts as a progressive enabler.

15. BASA Membership 2015
Business and Arts South Africa’s ongoing engagement with the Arts means that we are constantly able to offer fresh, relevant and exciting opportunities to our members, with various options to suit individual needs. The annual membership fees for 2015-2016 are:

a. Companies with more than 1000 employees : R 27 000.00 ex vat

b. Companies with 200 – 1000 employees : R 13 000.00 ex vat

c. Companies with 50 – 199 employees : R 7 000.00 ex vat

d. Companies with 1 – 49 employees : R 2 700.00 ex vat

e. Friends of Business and Arts South Africa : R 2 500.00 ex vat

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Mandisa Tshiqi on 011 447 2295 or email mandisa@basa.co.za

Download – BASA Benefits for Members 2015-2016