Business Volunteer Service

BASA Boardbank

BASA Boardbank acts as a bridge for those skilled professionals who want to engage with the arts sector by voluntarily sitting on the Board of an arts organisation.

As with all BASA’s initiatives in this area, the value of the relationship is two-fold: making the arts sector more sustainable by improving corporate governance, while providing business professionals with the opportunity to expand their own Social Investment (SI) responsibility within the arts sector.

If you are interested in becoming a Board director of an arts organisation please email BASA on

Business Volunteer Service

BASA Mentorship

Business and Arts South Africa’s Mentorship programme is designed to introduce better business skills into the arts sector. These include marketing, financial planning, audience development, cash flow management and much more.

Since the launch of the mentorship programme, business practitioners who have brought their skills and perspectives to an arts organisation have reported the impact of the relationship on their own work. While the arts organisation acquires a new perspective on its operations and context and new skills, the business professional gains a new perspective into a world characterised by hard work, lack of funds, but no lack of creativity and energy.

Many of the successful relationships in the BASA Mentorship Programme have been recognised for their long-term voluntary contribution to arts organisations through this programme by the Mentor of the Year Award at previous BASA Awards.

If you are interested in finding out more about the programme, please contact BASA on