BASA Basics Programme

BASA Basics Education Programme

BASA Basics is aimed at arts organisations and individuals wishing to start a for profit or not for profit organisation. The programme aims to introduce emerging artists to the legal registration options and processes available in terms of establishing an arts organisation, and further develop arts organisations to come out with a workable business model in order to take the organisation forward.

What the BASA Basic Education programme will entail:

Our six month long programme is for arts organisations at the start-up level.  It comprises a series of workshops and has been rolled out in all 9 provinces of South Africa. The skills learnt during these workshops will equip emerging arts organisations with the necessary tools to get started.  

At the end of the six months, we would like to see that participants have become registered as a legal entity (if their organisations are not already registered) and have a workable business model.

Team Map: All nine provinces


BASA Basics Programme

BASA Basics Stories

Marmar Art CraftBoitshepo

Marmar Art Craft/Boitshepo (Limpopo) is one of the most impressive organisations in the programme and completed it on a high note.  At the end of the programme it was able to produce registration certificates, a tax clearance certificate, a business plan, business cards, and new products developed since joining the programme.

Catch Fire Waya-Waya

Catch Fire Waya-Waya is a Free State dance organisation that showed a lot of commitment in the programme.  Since joining the programme, it has been able to acquire sponsorships, as well as a scholarship for the Director, Motlatsi Khotle, to study dance with Moving Into Dance Mophatong.