BASA Dynamic Programme

BASA Dynamic Education Programme

BASA Dynamic: This programme is aimed at registered arts organisations with a basic business model and plan. The intention for the intermediate programme is to focus on the strategic objectives developed from the overall strategic business model/plan and delve into specific areas of the business plan needing further strategy and tactics.

What the BASA Dynamic Education Programme entails:

Our year long programme is for arts organisations at the dynamic level, and it has been rolled out in Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Free State.  It comprises a series of workshops:

At the end of the programme, we would like to see that most objectives set by each organisation have been achieved and documented.


BASA Dynamic Programme

BASA Dynamic Stories


Eastern Cape delegate, the Sterkspruit Arts Centre, mounted a Mini Festival to launch all its 2016\2017 events and festivals. The centre is in the process of finalising a funding proposal and engaging local business people to source potential partners. The Joe Gqabi Economic and Development Agency has already agreed to a partnership with the Sterkspruit Arts Centre, and a service level agreement is currently being drafted.

Vika - BASA Dynamic

Vika Mjoka joined the 2014/2015 Johannesburg programme as a representative from Gom.Art Core-llective, but has since started a new organisation, Art Smart Brand.  After completing the programme, he hosted three successful exhibitions in Alexandra Township, using skills gathered from programme, and has been able to secure in-kind sponsorships.  Mjoka accessed legal advice through the ENS law firm’s CSI pro-bono initiative in Alexandra.  Additionally, Mjoka has shared his learnings with other smaller arts groups and individuals in the township (some of whom participated in the Turbine Art Fair in 2015).