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The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has mandated the Mandela Bay Development Agency with driving the public participation process to assist the City in getting to the final design, feasibility and process plan for implementation.

The city of Nelson Mandela Bay extends a warm and excited welcome to all South African citizens to submit innovative ideas for the development of an iconic, world class precinct to celebrate and honour the City’s namesake tata Nelson Mandela’s contribution to South Africa. The landmark precinct is to be the identity of the City of Nelson Mandela Bay with all the different cultures and heritages represented including a statue of Madiba. The precinct, when open will be the centrepiece and hub of tourism, creative economy and a meeting place for all peoples of the world. To stand a chance to change the world, follow these steps…

  1. Fill in the entry form supplied
  2. Put your creativity on a maximum of two (2) A3 pages containing your idea
  3. Tell us more about your idea in an A3 page narrative


Submit your entries at the MBDA offices. The Tramways building on Valley Road or upload online at




The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is inviting the submissions of ideas for an iconic world class statue and iconic landmark for Nelson Mandela Bay.

The City of Nelson Mandela Bay as a Cultural Capital of the Eastern Cape is planning to develop an iconic, world class landmark/precinct that is visible by flight, sea and land. The landmark will be the identity of Nelson Mandela Bay, celebrating Nelson Mandela together with all the cultures and heritages that make the City unique.

In order to commence stakeholder engagement, the MBDA is inviting creative thinkers throughout the country, to submit their ideas, as a first step to achieving this objective. The winning idea will receive a prize of R100 000 and may become part of a team which will be assembled, to drive the process forward.

The City is named after Nelson Mandela and as part of the precinct; a statue of Nelson Mandela should be a prominent feature.

The competition is open to anyone with a unique and winning idea and is open to anyone in the entire country





3.1. Eligibility

The competition is open to creative South Africans – as individuals or in consortia and involving associates from elsewhere in the world if desired – who are invited to submit their ideas and concepts and a short narrative to accompany their submission.

The following persons are not eligible for entry to the competition and shall not assist any competitor:


3.2. Registration

Entrants shall be registered as competitors by receipt of their submissions in an A3 envelope, as prescribed below, together with a completed registration form that contains the name, address, telephone and e-mail address of the individual competitor or team leader. This information is compulsory documentation required for the ideas competition


3.3. Judging and Awards

Judging will be undertaken in 2 categories:

  1. “The People’s Choice”. This will be awarded to the winning submission, from a process of engagement undertaken by representatives from each cluster in NMBM as well as interested parties. The prize money for this category will be R25 000.
  2. “The Judges Choice” will be awarded by a panel of 7 specialists, that will be appointed by the MBDA, and include representative nominees of key stakeholders in the project. The Prize money for this category will be R100 000.


3.4. Requirements for submission

The following must be submitted in a sealed A3 envelope marked MBDA:

COMPETITION FOR NELSON MANDELA BAY ICONIC LANDMARK. The competitor’s name and contact details should be clearly marked on the outside of the envelope:

  1. A fully completed registration form, provided by the MBDA, must be completed
  2. A maximum of 2x A3 pages of visuals
  3. lx A3 page of narrative.

The key concepts for the landmark including the statue, its proposed site, ancillary amenities and proposed urban spaces which can be programmed, should be presented in visual format, accompanied by a 1 page high level business plan.

There is no fixed site and competitors should identify their preferred site, which should be owned by Government but not be located within the Port of Port Elizabeth limits.

Competitors should clearly indicate how their ideas communicate the objectives of the brief. Competitors will not gain any advantage by working out plans in detail and should rather focus on communicating their key concepts and design ideas.


In particular, the idea should provide sufficient information to


3.5. Anonymity

In the judging process, no drawing or document shall carry the name of any competitor, or any logo or other mark which may serve to identify the competitor.


3.6. Competition Administrator

The MBDA shall be responsible for registering entrants; receiving submissions; preparing submissions for judging, stakeholder engagement and appointing judges.


3.7. Questions

Questions can be addressed to:

All question and answers will be posted at


3.8 Reservation of rights to make no award

If, in the opinion of the Judging Panel, there is no entry that satisfies the criterion of uniqueness and excellence which the competition is intended to promote and / or which meets the requirements laid down by the brief for this competition, then the Judging Panel may make no award.


3.9. Retention of Submissions for exhibition, public engagement and publication

The MBDA reserves the right to retain all submissions and to use them for purposes of stakeholder engagement and documentation of the process.


3.18. Intellectual Property

The winner of the competition (the “Winning Competitor”) shall assign all Intellectual Property Rights in the competition and any future iconic landmark that may be built, to the MBDA,

The Copyright shall include the full and complete rights of Copyright in the idea and more particularly in the proposed iconic landmark.

The Winning Competitor indemnifies the MBDA against any damage, loss or injury it may sustain arising from any claim made by any third party alleging Intellectual Property Right infringement regarding the iconic landmark.


3.11. Competition Program


3.12. Address for correspondence and submissions:

All correspondence can be addressed to:

Mr Oyama Vanto

Telephone: +27(0) 41 811 8200