BASA Research

Baseline Report

Arts Sponsorship Decision-making & Management Processes Baseline Report 2011, prepared by Michael Goldman, Senior Lecturer, Gordon Institute of Business Science

BASA initiated a baseline study on Arts Sponsorship Decision-making and Management Processes. The study was conducted during 2011 in order to develop a more complete model of the returns generated for businesses investing in the arts, and revealed several key findings that fed directly into the urgent need for a toolkit (hence the development of the BASA Sponsorship Toolkits). Among these was the fact that less than 40% of art sponsors were making use of internal employee-related sponsorship leveraging activities, thus missing out on significant opportunities to achieve employee-related business objectives. In addition, the Baseline Report showed that the Human Resources (HR) team was only involved in art sponsorship activities in 10% of sponsors. This has shifted BASA’s engagement with business to include a focus on internal organisational health, as well as performance and leadership.


VANSA was commissioned to research possible models on 0% interest in arts buying. This report was generated out of the shared interests of VANSA and BASA in taking forward thinking around the development of an interest free credit scheme for the purchase of contemporary art, craft and design in the South African context. The study involved the review of existing schemes in the Netherlands, Whales, the UK, and Australia, together with the development of a set of key considerations, which would need to be addressed in developing such a scheme in the South African context.

BASA Research

Current and Potential Audience for Visual & Performing Arts in SA


As an introduction to the BASA/British Council Connect ZA Connecting Creative Markets audience development programme, Instant Grass was commissioned to conduct background research in 2015 on the Current and Potential Audience for Visual & Performing Arts in SA among 18-35 year olds, looking at their views and consumption of the arts mainly in urban areas.

BASA Research

Arts Organisations & Sponsors

Arts Organisations & Sponsors: An Equitable Partnership?  BASA/UNESCO Research, prepared by Avril Joffe & Joseph Gaylard, CAJ: Culture, Arts & Job


Business and Arts South Africa commissioned this piece of research in order to understand in more depth the nature of the relationship between arts organisations and their sponsors. An organising hypothesis was the perception that arts organisations were failing to be equitable partners for corporates and that there would be some common obstacles and challenges that these organisations face in becoming fully-fledged partners. It was hoped that the research would assist BASA in determining what support it may offer to arts organisations in both securing and managing these sponsorship arrangements.

This research complements a parallel investigation from the point of view of corporates about the sponsorship relationship with arts organisations which resulted in the development of the BASA Arts Sponsorship Management Toolkit.