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BASA and British Council Connect ZA Launch Pan-African Creative Markets R&D

Business and Arts South Africa and British Council Connect ZA have launched an extensive research and development initiative ahead of the establishment of a fully-fledged, Pan-African Creative Markets Growth Hub.

The R&D initiative is being spearheaded by lead researcher Kim Sanssoucie, working alongside UK-based creative and cultural strategists and researchers. The aim of this phase is to answer key questions and objectives around the development and implementation of the hub, which in turn will build and strengthen the creative industries in South Africa and across several countries in Africa.

UK-based researchers Ellen O’Hara and Dr Ceri Gorton are collaborating with BASA and British Council Connect ZA in designing a research framework to benefit the questions and objectives around the development and sustainability of the hub. The framework is also informing the Pan African collaborations that form part of the vision of the Creative Markets Growth Hub. In pursuit of this, members of the BASA project team are currently in Malawi, with trips to Zambia and Zimbabwe scheduled in October and November.

“Working alongside researchers from the UK is a significant collaboration as we foster ongoing connections between SA and the UK in building cultural knowledge exchange for both countries,” comments Sanssoucie.

”Extending our research into the rest of Africa to gain insights and data around our African creative and cultural industries is also important,  and that we ensure it responds to the actual and not perceived needs of the art sectors in Africa at large.”

The September Malawian trip includes a Creative Markets Growth Workshop as well as focus groups with artists, creatives, arts organisations and producers in the creative and cultural industries in Malawi. These form part of the Day of Ideas programme at the inaugural Lake of Stars in Chintheche – a festival that promotes Malawian arts and tourism through international interaction and exposure.

“These cross-continent visits will enable us to get more focused and informed insights and data about the particular cultural context of each country and how this will inform the structure of the hub” explains Sanssoucie.

The Creative Markets Growth Hub project spotlights BASA’s effective use of research as a change-maker and a way of driving connectivity and sustainability. It also demonstrates how BASA’s ongoing and growing engagement on the African continent is an important element of its support for the South African Department of Arts Culture’s mandate.

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For more information about the Creative Markets Growth Hub roll-out contact Kim Sanssoucie or 011 447 2295/89

About BASA:

Business and Arts South Africa (NPC) is an internationally recognised South African development agency with a suite of integrated programmes implemented nationally and internationally. BASA encourages mutually beneficial partnerships between business and the arts, securing the future development of the arts sector in South Africa and contributing to corporate success through Shared Value. BASA was founded in 1997 as a joint initiative of the Department of Arts and Culture and the business sector as a public/private partnership. For more information on BASA contact us on 011 447 2289 or visit our website:

About British Council Connect ZA;

British Council Connect ZA has been active since 2013 and develops projects, reaches new and diverse audiences for the arts and stimulates innovation, while inspiring connections between SA and the UK.  They do this by enabling innovative creative content, collaborations and skills exchange through linking creative communities, partners and audiences both online and offline and across disciplines.